Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oslo Fashion Week 2009

The biker jacket by FIN

Oslo Fashion Week 2009 has officially begun! The opening show were held in the fabulous new opera house next to Oslofjorden, and the place was filled with Norwegian celebrities and fashion people. The show contained everything from singing to dance to fashion, and although it was a bit commercialized it was a real spectacle! Pictures can be found in every Norwegian newspaper today.

The winner of this seasons competition "Nåløyet", where the best Norwegian designers get to present a few pieces each, was FIN. And what's cool is that not only is this a cool Norwegian brand, they are actually selling clothes in 13 countries and they only uses ecological materials. And as a proof of their high fashion status, Kate Moss owns the biker jacket that was shown at the catwalk yesterday.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Will Kate Moss Do?

Recently there's been a lot of questions about Kate Moss' future. Will she continue to work as a model? Yes, most certainly. Even though she has passed the normal age of retirement for models she still look gorgeous, so really why shouldn't she? I can only see one reason for her quitting modeling. Maybe she wants to do other stuff instead..? She has already proven herself as a designer, and also a musician on Babyshambles track La Belle Et Le Bete and Primal Scream's song Some Velvet Morning. In fact, Kate's boyfriend the Kills' guitarist, Jamie Hince, gave her a piano for her birthday. Or maybe will she try acting? Kate is said to be discussing possible project with famous Hollywood director Michael Figgis.

Kate Moss on a Babyshambles gig. Will we see more of this in the future?