Friday, October 31, 2008

Kate Moss would go for sushi

OK, so I was going out for dinner last night, and felt this urge for something really unhealthy, full of fat, sugar and everything good and illeagal, mmm. But as I was strolling down the sidewalk, on my way to the nearest and - I hate to admit it - my usual fast food resturant, it struck me. In this situation; What Would Kate Moss Do? She would never eat that! So i called a couple of friends and invited them out for something more classy, healthy and most important, incredibly good; SUSHI. The night was a total success, we got to catch up, have fun and a good laugh, combined with a healthy, tasty meal. I can't emphasize enough how underestimated sushi had been in my life before; now I'm going to look at it in a whole new way. It's not even that expensive as I always thought it would be all the times I passed the sushi resturant in pursuit of something more suitable for my wallet as for my urge for sugar. Sushi, people; sushi. I know some thinks it's kind of last year, but hey - never too late! It belongs to the story that I still felt for some kind of desert after the last maki was swallowed.. Ice cream was on the menu, and it's hard to resist..but WWKMD? We then got to the genious conclusion that Kate Moss would totally SHARE, and therefore we finished off the evening by sharing a big can of Ben&Jerrys Cookie Dough, mmm! (We can't be too strict to ourselves either) A perfect ending to a perfect night!

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Me said...

Sushi is so great! And healthy^^