Friday, August 28, 2009

Topshop to Oslo

Finally the moment all norwegian girls have been waiting for.. Topshop is at last opening in Oslo! Kate Moss' fabulous collection is said to be available in stores for us poor, until now left out norwegians in 2010. Only a couple of months ago, Norway got listed as one of Topshop's shipping countries, and the whole female population went crazy. I can't imagine the lines that'll appear outside Topshop's doors on the opening day..

My question to Topshop is where have you been all this time? Did you just figure out there's a small country in the north you simply forgot? Trying to make up for it by promising 4 more stores in the following years? Well, in that case - it worked. Apology for forgetting us accepted! I can't wait to queue for hours in order to get my share of Kate Moss Topshop holiness.


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Charlotte said...

Oh I'm certainly going to live in Oslo next year (im French) and is it true ? I mean there isn't topshops in France, so I would be happy