Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dress favourite

With this incredible garment, it was just love at first sight. It is a vintage Budweiser dress from New York, that we discovered au Salon du Vintage during Paris Fashion Week 2008. Classy, fashionable, but not too glamorous; this is a piece of heaven that looks as good as a party dress as with a leather jacket and some nice boots. Since it's extremely tight and small, being the only ones who could wear it, we got it half price! Kate Moss would absolutely adore it, really - who wouldn't? 

1 comment:

Meg said...

I don't see Kate loving this, I see it being something that would be a dime a dozen here state side at this point, as you can find so many Budweiser embelished items in the US (do a search on eBay and see what comes up) however, I think I can see why you might think Kate would like, because of its vintage quality? One rarely would see Kate wearing something as tarty and overtly Americanized as a beer can as a reflection of her self through her clothing, is my only thought. In this case, the outfit would be wearing her and this is entirely a "non" rule for KM.