Friday, January 30, 2009

Back from London

London was great! So much to do and so much to see, but so little time... I did not by far get to do all the stuff I wanted to! I was there with my friend just for the week-end plus Monday. Basically we just hung out in the city the whole time, not doing much special. I got to meet up with the people I was going to see, and I think I've had about a hundred Starbucks coffees and muffins... Not good... Is that part of our Kate Moss lifestyle? Absolutely not! So from now on it's back to my salad eating habits (which I actually enjoy very much!).

Trafalgar Square a grey and rainy sunday

Loverly Hyde Park a monday morning

My street, Bolton Gardens, with a classical red mailbox


Anonymous said...

Jasså, du! kremt.. fine bilder! ;) synes jeg skal ha litt creds for dem, assa :p <3

Me2 said...

Nice pics!

Me said...

hehe, ja det må sies. Veldig flink fotograf;)