Friday, January 23, 2009

London calling

Time to go to... London! I am so excited! I love to travel, and now it's been over six months since my last visit in London, the very home of our favorite celebrity! London has so much great stuff to offer, I'm so looking forward to walk in Hyde Park, coffee at Starbuck (Yes, we still don't have Starbucks in Norway..) shop in Kingston High Street, go to museums (Tate Modern or National Gallery this time?), go to concerts or clubs (haven't really decides where yet) and hang out with my friends and little sis (god, I envy her so much for living there every day!). My options are endless in a city like London! I must say I still prefer Paris, but London is a close number two!

Even though I haven't really figured out everything I want to do yet, one thing is for sure. I am going to do vintage shopping. Soooo much more fun in London than Oslo! And I'm not the only one that has a thing for vintage pieces. Although Kate shops a bit more fancy (and expensive!) pieces than I do, she too stared doing markets and smal stores in Portobello Road. When I was in London the last time I went into this really overfilled little shop, "One of a Kind". And on a board by the entry there were pictures of a young Kate Moss everywhere! Too bad I didn't take any photos of it for my blog when I was there... Maybe I'll do it this time if I pas the Shop!

I'm only going to be gone for the week-end, so I'll give you an update on what I actually did next week! And, one last question if anyone sees it before I leave... Where do you just have to go when you're in London?

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